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Contribuição Livre

Começa a semana bem com a Jantaralmoçarada Com Todos.
Traz coisas para juntar à panela e dois dedos de conversa.

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cruel mind
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dead by pregnancy 

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API UIZ | A.Rivière | H.O.M.O.

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Ritmos de Resistência

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O samba quer regressar às ruas do Porto!


Street System | Fractura | Run Joe Run

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jantaralmoçarado com todos, horta e cinema

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Contribuição Livre

Começa a semana bem com a Jantaralmoçarada Com Todos.
Traz coisas para juntar à panela e dois dedos de conversa.

Vai haver filme enquanto o tacho não fica pronto.

Requiem For a Dream
102 min.  Drama Leg. Português
Realizador: Darren Aronofsky

Sara (Ellen Burstyn) é uma mulher solitária que redescobre o prazer da vida com a possibilidade de aparecer na televisão. Por outro lado, o seu filho Harry (Jared Leto), a namorada, Marion (Jennifer Connelly) e o seu melhor amigo Tyrone (Marlon Wayans), querem montar um negócio para viciados, de venda de drogas leves porta a porta. Mas rapidamente todos descobrem que será difícil atingir as suas aspirações... recusando-se, no entanto, a desistir mesmo quando o destino lhes prega partidas ainda mais sérias.

reunião da horta 15h30

Olá amigos,
aberta de novo a CasaViva, é tempo de pôr mãos à obra e reanimar a dinâmica da casa.
Este domingo, para além de um jantaralmoçarado de convívio, temos uma reunião para planear a horta da CV. Se estiveres interessad@ aparece!

A ideia da reunião é:
- Ver o espaço disponível para a horta e compostor.
- Discutir os princípios e funcionamento da horta.
- Discutir ideias sobre o que plantar? Como plantar? Outras ideias?
- Espaços alternativos da casa, exteriores claro, como terraço,... para implantação de outros "projectos verdes"

Tragam ideias e vontade de sujar as mãos!

DESALOJO de la ZAD...Solidariedade


Action to re-occupy the ZAD

A reoccupation action is being planned in case of an eviction at Notre-Dame-des-Landes in France: To re-plant and rebuild against the construction of the airport: Vinci get out! Not here, not Khimki*, not anywhere!
This is a joint call out from occupants of the ZAD and the network Reclaim the Fields to meet on the 4th Saturday after the first eviction, near Notre-Dame-des-Landes.

To give an idea of some of the things that have happened:
On 7 May 2011, we were a thousand people on an action, pitchforks in hand, to clear and put to use an abandoned plot of agricultural land. This was to create a space to grow food to feed the struggle against the airport - and it’s been thriving since the action! We’ll be back to strive to protect this farm and other occupied places on the ZAD (Zone d’Amenagement Differé), or in other words, Zone About to be Destroyed).
On 24 June, Vinci started eviction procedures against eight squats, including Les Planchettes, our collective space of organising and hospitality.
On 10 July, during a gathering a few thousand people made a human banner saying "Vinci d égage!" (Vinci get out!)
On 23 August, the president of the region Pays de la Loire, Jacques Auxiette, asked the local authorities to clean out the radical occupiers of the ZAD. It was an unambiguous brutal call for repression, but this will not prevent us from resisting, re-occupying and re-growing.
To follow up on May 7, occupiers from the ZAD and Reclaim the Fields, a network of young activist peasants, are inviting you to be a part of a huge demonstration to re-occupy in case of an eviction, and urge all groups and collectives to support this action. If the police force does arrive to clean us out, we want to be back by the thousands to give shape to the cry "Vinci get out!" and to continue to occupy the zone and to stop construction works in their tracks.

For forty years, decision makers and construction managers have been pushing a new airport next to Nantes, at Notre-Dame-des-Landes, to make their dreams of massive economic expansion and a metropolis. The ZAD: it’s 2000 hectares of cultivated and inhabited land that they want to annihilate under concrete. The resistance against this project is at the crossroads of many challenges on which to unite, to address issues of common strategies and thinking.
Through this struggle we are fighting industrial society and agriculture, its economic development policies, its climate change and its control of the land, the megalopolis and the normalisation of ways of life, the privatisation of the commons, the myth of endless growth and the illusion of democratic participation ...
The decision-makers are constantly trying to sell their project and to give the impression that going backwards is unthinkable at this stage. So after forty years struggling, the preliminary construction work of the airport and its highway have started: drilling for soil analysis, environmental assessments, archaeological excavations and clearing works... all prerequisites for pouring concrete all over the area.
But its opponents are far from giving up and the actions intensify: blocking drillings, disturbing the environmental assessment work of Biotope*, distributing newspapers, occupying offices, construction sites, opening up Vinci’s tollways, and much more..

In addition, for more than two and a half years, instead of the ZAD gradually emptying to the rhythm of blackmail and destruction, life and activity has been flourishing.
Many of the houses left abandoned were refurbished and occupied, new houses were constructed on the ground and in the trees, collectives occupied land to make vegetable gardens. Meeting spaces, guest accomodation, a bakery and a library were opened for one and all. There are more than a hundred people permanently occupying the ZAD, supported by many others, local and elsewhere, who meet and organise. The occupations are part of a movement that has many different forms. Among other things, they have a allowed rapid reactions to the first steps taken by Vinci towards construction work.
In June 2011, Vinci began eviction procedures in order to have the legal means to remove the occupiers of the ZAD who have "no right or title". Now they want to stop the growth of the movement and make a clean sweep to start the work: as well as evicting the occupiers, they are thinking about the tenants, owners and farmers. At the same time, those names who are pro-airport do everything they can: running a campaign to isolate the occupiers, attempting to divide the movement and break up solidarity, reinforce the daily police presence and repression of collective action.

Despite this context, we’re keeping the memory of past victories in France against megalomanic projects, from nuclear to military, like at Carnet, Plogoff or Larzac, and we know that this airport can still be stopped. We look to the other side of the Alps, where opposition to the construction of the Lyon-Turin high-speed train line across a valley, where tens of thousands of people prevent work. We are preparing the same here: any attempt to concrete the place will cost them dearly.

This call for action signifies that evictions do not mean in any way the end of the struggle; it allows us to launch collective attacks after the potential evictions as well. It affirms that they cannot militarise or sterilise this place at all times and that whatever their efforts they won’t stop us reoccupying it. It shows the common will to keep the occupations going to prevent the airport project. This event will allow, as necessary, the reconstruction of collective spaces for organising, housing, or again for growing food.
Although we don’t know when the troops will be sent in, we are launching this call-out now to be able to create a massive rapid reaction. We propose to meet again on the fourth Saturday after the first eviction - bring your pitchforks, tools and beams - to reclaim the land and rebuild together.
In addition to this call for reoccupation, other initiatives are clearly welcome: solidarity actions wherever you are, presence at eviction time to hinder the police ... And until then, efforts continue to prevent the airport, and life on the ZAD as well!

Practical Info:
Check regularly http://zad.nadir.org, especially in case of an eviction. The date and exact meeting location will be specified at the time.
 It will be possible to arrive on the eve of the event, for the final preparations and bringing everyone up to speed. Come prepared to camp.
 We invite you to stay here after the action to protect the re-occupied spaces and continue the construction.

*Extra explanation: Vinci is the biggest construction company in the world and is responsible for building the airport at Notre-Dame-des-Landes. It is also engaged in building prisons, highways, nuclear power stations, detention centers for illegal immigrants, exploiting the uranium mines in Niger and destroying the forest of Khimki near Moscow. Biotope: An entity responsible for ensuring, through environmental expert on the flora and fauna, the ecological sustainability of the airport ... the new frontiers of green capitalism!

A call-out from occupiers of the ZAD and Reclaim the Fields

Contact : *reclaimthezad@riseup.net*

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Cruel Mind 
Bicho do Mato

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Extincion [Santiago de Compostela]
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